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Anti-Fog Protective Safety Goggles

৳ 699 ৳ 599
  • Anti-Fog Protective
  • Safety Goggles
  • Clear Lens
  • Wide-Vision
  • Adjustable Chemical
  • Splash Eye Protection

Face Shield Protective Cover Transparent

৳ 199 ৳ 139
  • Face Shield
  • Protective Cover
  • Transparent Face
  • Eyes Protector
  • Safety Accessories

Infrared Thermometer T01

৳ 1,600 ৳ 1,400
Non Contact Forehead Infrared Thermometer Model :DT--8826 power supply - DC3V Automatic Shutdown - Automatic Shutdown without any operation within 10 Seconds Accuracy - within (35~42)Degree C,0.2 Degree C/0.4 Degree F Measurment Range - 32 Degree C~42.9 Degree C Measurment Display Resolution - 0.1Degree C/0.1 Degree F Warrenty - 1 Year Production Size - 143mmx70mmx38mm Operating Environment - 15 Degree C~45 Degree C Material - Plastic

Pulse Oximeter

৳ 1,899 ৳ 1,699
Used for monitoring pulse and blood oxygen levels this fingertip Pulse Oximeter is lightweight and easy to use running on just two AAA batteries. This device functions by passing wavelengths of light through the body and then recording these readings with a photo-detector, it can then calculate the heart rate as well as saturation of oxygen in the blood, known as SpO2. This non invasive device can be clipped on to a finger, toe or even an earlobe and provides continuous and immediate blood oxygen saturation levels as well as pulse.